Bogdan Bogdanovic believes Slovenia is the top favorite for EuroBasket gold

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Antonis Stroggylakis

26/Aug/22 14:00

Bogdan Bogdanovic has faith in Serbia’s capabilities to win the EuroBasket but considers another team as the grand favorite.

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Atlanta Hawks guard Bogdan Bogdanovic launched his annual BB Camp in his hometown of Belgrade, Serbia for the sixth straight year. The camp is held from 26 to 27 of August at the Partizan Courts, Kalemegdan.

Bogdanovic, who was unable to join Serbia this summer after undergoing knee surgery, said to reporters during his camp’s opening, per Mozzart:

On the Serbian national team:

“I have a lot of faith in our guys. Even when we played in the World Cup. it’s a similar team. There’s energy, chemistry, and something new has awakened. I’m glad we played good and beautiful basketball. The crowd enjoys what we’re doing – extra pass, reading… Everything starts from Jokic. We are the favorites for a medal, I hope we finally get the gold. It’s a very difficult championship. We didn’t succeed in the previous World Cup but now we should enjoy what the guys have prepared for us.”

On EuroBasket favorites:

“I didn’t watch the preparation games much. Like every year: Slovenians are no. 1 in my opinion. France and Lithuania are always difficult. They are strong. The EuroBasket is very difficult. There are no bad teams. It’s really difficult to get a medal. We’ll see.”

On his philosophy:

“My view on how to approach basketball is to go back to the initial steps. If you know the basics in the right way, it’s easier to build after that. It’s the right thing where we can convince beginners as well as those who are a little more experienced, how important it is. Persistence and patience are the most important in the process of progress. That’s what we work with the kids. They get happy, they’re happy when they learn a simple movement, I know their reactions. Some make friendships, we have various guests of the camp who have been coming since the first year and now are in the audience. I thank Adidas for everything it provided, as well as to the other sponsors of the camp. Without them, it wouldn’t look like this.”

On the camp direction:

“We change direction from time to time. As the director, my sister, says. All credit to her and her team. They make my job easier in terms of the idea, the camp, and the meaning. For us, the meaning is always fun with the children. Beautiful memories. These moments are recorded in childhood and are never forgotten. We try to do that in the most beautiful, natural way possible. To give fun and basketball. We’re doing a phenomenal thing by getting to know each other and socializing. Every year is different. We’re adding new things, we’re also looking to expand the camp in the future. But we don’t get stuck somewhere. We don’t take steps that we don’t guarantee we can fulfill. I’m satisfied with that. I’m very happy that the camp is in Belgrade. It’s of great importance for the city and for me since I grew up here.”