Gabriel Deck has reportedly drawn interest from two NBA teams

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27/Apr/20 16:50

Deck’s evolution has reportedly brought him on the spotlight of NBA teams.

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Gabriel Deck’s constant progression has reached the eyes of the NBA and two teams already have him on their radars, according to reports by MARCA, though the teams haven’t been specified. This interest comes in parallel to the news that, in a few months, Deck will be able to apply for a Spanish passport and he will no longer occupy a foreigner position in Real Madrid.

Deck has signed a three-year contract with the Spanish club in 2018 with one season remaining, though it includes an NBA-out clause in case an offer occurs during this offseason.

Deck’s name is circulating more and more around the NBA. Just recently, Manu Ginobili admitted he told the 25-year-old forward that the late Kobe Bryant “fell in love” with him during the 2019 FIBA World Cup and that he wanted to take him to the Lakers.