Leo Westermann: We had our first individual training on Monday

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06/May/20 13:48


Leo Westermann remains in Istanbul during the coronavirus lockdown and is happy to have had the chance to practice individually for the first time on Monday.

By Eurohoops team / info@eurohoops.net

Fenerbahce guard Leo Westermann is one of the team’s foreign players remaining in Istanbul and mentioned that the team is back to individual workouts in a recent interview with lnb.fr.

“We try to keep in shape as best we can at home. I bought a bike, weight equipment, lots of things. But nothing can replace the ball and the court. On Monday, we had our first individual training, for those who stayed in Istanbul. It feels good to touch the ball again. We feel that the effort is very different. I was just shooting for an hour. I feel like I did a 3-hour workout! This has never happened to me since I started shooting, at 5-6 years old, doing more than 2 months without a ball and without a basket”, he mentioned.

It should be noted that many Fenerbahce players are still in their respective countries right now, while those remaining in Istanbul have the chance to go to the arena in order to make some basic shot practices and basic practices with the ball.

As for EuroLeague’s plans to resume, the Frenchman added: “It seems complicated to me, even if it happens in one area. With the quarantine, the training which will be very short, it will not be easy for players. Maybe the Turkish League will spread. It seems easier in the sense that we stay in the same country. It will be up to the Ministry of Sport and Health to make the choice.