Predict the teams reaching the Final Four and win a ticket package worth up to €98*!

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John Rammas

21/Jan/23 11:00

Eurohoops and Coup Gagnant can travel you to Zalgirio Arena to watch in person the EuroLeague’s Final Four at the lower price possible.

By Eurohoops Team/

On January 17, the tickets for the EuroLeague Final Four in Kaunas (May 19-21) go on sale, priced from €225 to €515. Four hours later, they are sold out.

Did you miss them? It doesn’t matter! Eurohoops and Coup Gagnant are here for you!

Coup Gagnant is the vision of Mathieu Canovas and Antoine Dehaspe for an innovative and cheaper way of selling tickets. It is supported by EuroLeague and allocates part of its revenue to spreading sportsmanship.

With the support of the EuroLeague, Coup Gagnant has already secured 100 ticket packages for each team making it to the Final Four and offers them from €5* to €98*! Yes, indeed.

All you need to do is bet on the team of your choice and if your prediction is correct, that’s if the team you bet on qualifies, you will not only have secured a ticket packed for the entire Final Four, but you will have already paid for it!

How is this possible?

Here is the play-by-play:

The price of the ticket package depends on the ranking of the team. Currently, you can buy a prediction from €5* to €98*.

Example 1: If you bet now on tied-for-first place Barcelona, then the price of the prediction is €98. If Barcelona qualifies for the Final Four, you will have already paid for the ticket package to watch all the games in Kaunas.

Example 2: If you believe FC Bayern Munich can come all the way back from its current 14th position, you can buy the prediction at a much lower price of €20. If FC Bayern Munich reaches the Final Four, those €20 will grant you entrance to Zalgirio Arena.

The prices are updated each round depending of the standings.

To sum up, time is money! Especially considering the bets placements sorting the order. This means only the first 100 bets per team will lock in at respective active prices.

If your prediction is wrong, then you lose the bet.

Will you miss such an opportunity? Bet HERE to buy immediately at a special price!

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