EuroLeague Power Rankings by Eurohoops: Vol.5

01/Feb/23 16:28 February 1, 2023

John Rammas

01/Feb/23 16:28

With two-thirds of the regular season completed, Eurohoops presents the fifth edition of the EuroLeague Power Rankings

By John Rammas/

Power Rankings in the middle of a double-action week? Why not, we ask you back! Despite three games left in Round 22, with 12 teams already completing their contests, there’s a clear picture of what’s going on with Olympiacos being really impressive.

The Reds have proven beyond any doubt that they are so far the best team in the league and the scary part is that despite their injury woes, they continue to improve and play better.

As usual, status, momentum, form, and importance of results were the criteria for ranking the 18 teams.


Previous ranking: 18 (-)
Record: 6-15
Home: 4-7
Away: 2-8
Offense-Defense: 81.2-83.9

The EuroLeague was over a long time ago for ALBA Berlin. It remains to be seen what its final position will be in the standings and especially whether it can play a spoiler role in the hunt for the playoffs since almost all its remaining games this season are against teams in the top eight or teams that are trying to sneak into the postseason.