Dzanan Musa’s #RememberTheWhy: “I love being under pressure”

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Cesare Milanti

25/Apr/23 12:52

The Real Madrid superstar is the protagonist of the latest episode of the #RememberTheWhy series

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Following Mike James, Vasilije Micic, Nicolò Melli, Gigi Datome, and Sergio Rodriguez, Dzanan Musa joined the show in the latest episode of the #RememberTheWhy series produced by EuroLeague Basketball and Adidas.

The Real Madrid superstar spoke about the reason why he decided to invest all he has ever had into basketball. “I just love the game, it’s not it’s not even about fame, not about money. Even if I wasn’t a professional basketball player, I would still play basketball in front of my building. So, for me, basketball is only love”, he said.

Dzanan Musa’s path, which brought him also to the NBA in a short adventure with the Brooklyn Nets, hasn’t been easy since the beginning. “One thing is on top of the list: I had to leave my home when I was 11. Leaving my parents, leaving my brother: that was the toughest moment in my life. But in terms of chasing the dream of basketball, that’s something that helped me a lot, just to mature as a person, as a basketball player, and to know what I want to become. And today, living my dream, it’s something special for me”, the Bosnian 23-year-old added.

Before playing with Anadolu Efes and Real Madrid in the EuroLeague, he made his debut with Cedevita Zagreb back in 2015, against Olympiacos and his idol. “We were shaking hands with the other team, and when I started to shake hands with Spanoulis, my hands were shaking. It was a very special moment for me. Everything was like a dream come true for me at that moment, playing against one of the greatest players who ever played in Europe, if not the greatest. It helped me a lot to encourage myself to continue and to show myself that I’m going on the right path”, Dzanan Musa commented.

“Everybody knows and everybody follows Real Madrid, whether it’s football or basketball. I wouldn’t call it pressure; that’s the pressure more about yourself. Because, if you’re capable of doing that, in this jersey, you can do it whatever and wherever you want. It’s a very special feeling to wear a white jersey every night. And you know, to represent so many people who are your fans”, he said before explaining why he loves being under pressure. “Before the game, I feel scared. Especially because everybody’s watching. You know what you’re capable of, but you’re scared. If a basketball player says they are not scared before a basketball game, they are lying. But even when you’re scared you’ve got to take the shot. Even when you’re scared, you’ve got to make a team play. I’m embracing that thing of pressure. Pressure is the most beautiful thing in the world. When you feel pressure, you know you’re doing something good. So, I love being under pressure”, Dzanan Musa finally stated.

The 23-year-old Bosnian superstar, who has been playing his first true EuroLeague Regular Season as a protagonist, has been averaging 15.5 points, 2.9 rebounds, and 2.6 assists per game. He will lead Real Madrid in the Playoffs clash against Zeljko Obradovic‘s Partizan Belgrade.

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