Greek referee Koromilas out of action until conclusion of EuroLeague investigation

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Nikola Miloradovic

03/Aug/23 14:37

Ilias Koromilas won’t be refereeing until the EuroLeague investigation concludes

Βy Eurohoops team/

Ilias Koromilas is accused by his colleague of attempted bribery in a Eurocup match, and the Euroleague opened an investigation file on the case.

The international Greek referee was appointed to officiate games of the Greek national team; however, the Greek federation decided to put him out of action until the Euroleague investigation got completed.

After learning about the initiation of an investigation process by the Euroleague involving the name of the international Greek referee, Ilias Koromilas, the Greek federation proceeded to replace him from the Men’s National Team’s preparation games in which he had been included since the 27th of July when the definitions had been made.

Ilias Koromilas will remain out of action until the final clarification of the case and the issuance of the final conclusion of the investigation,” as per the official press release.