EuroLeague shareholders reportedly voted in favor of Dubai

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Aris Barkas

27/Nov/23 21:33

The EuroLeague shareholders met to talk about the Dubai issue and things are moving towards the inclusion of the Arabs in the competition

By Aris Barkas/

The EuroLeague shareholders met today, as it was already reported, to talk about the Dubai issue, and per Greek reporter Sotiris Vetakis, they voted “almost unanimously” in favor of getting a wild card to Dubai.

Eurohoops sources confirm that the EuroLeague shareholders have a favorable approach to the Dubai expansion but there are still a number of steps that both sides have to make in order to get a final deal.

What’s certain is that Dubai is no longer considered a longshot, on the contrary…

Of course, the expansion will not happen next season, as it’s already been mentioned by EuroLeague CEO Paulius Motiejunas himself.

Still, at this point, per multiple sources, Dubai is clearly in front of London or Paris for the possibility of a wildcard with Paris Basket and London Lions having also the ability to get into the EuroLeague by winning the EuroCup.

The Dubai soap opera

Since the first reports about Dubai joining the EuroLeague with the initial discussion taking place in the 2022 Belgrade Final Four a lot has happened, most notably the EuroLeague shareholders traveling to the Arab country during last season.

However, there’s not yet any clear commitment on both sides about how the possible expansion will come and a number of scenarios have circulated during the last few months.

It’s obvious that a lot of twists and turns have happened, however, the new EuroLeague management under President Dejan Bodiroga and CEO Motiejunas believes that the Dubai opportunity can’t be overlooked.