“Mr. Ettore Messina’s contract is extended until June 30, 2026”

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Aris Barkas

04/Dec/23 13:20


With just 13 words Olimpia Milan confirmed the full trust of the club to coach and president of basketball operations Ettore Messina

By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

With unfounded rumors swirling about the future of Ettore Messina in Milan, the club announced a contract extension of the veteran coach until the summer of 2026.

Messina has the full trust of owner Giorgio Armani and club president Leo Dell’Orco, who stated: “Mr. Ettore Messina’s contract is extended until June 30, 2026”.

That’s the only phrase included in the club’s press release, just one day after the latest defeat of Milan on the road to Sassari for the Italian Lega Basket.

However, it also puts an end to reports suggesting that Messina may step down from his coaching role. While this can’t be excluded, it has to be noted that it’s a decision that Messina himself has to take since he is also the president of basketball operations, since the day he signed with Milan.

The fuel to the reports was added by a misinterpretation of Messina’s quote about his future with the club in the Italian YouTube show “Basement”.

Messina admitted that Milan would be the last stop in his illustrious career and that he was going to stay at some point only as president. However, what he meant was stepping down as a coach and keeping only the president of basketball operation role.

For now, nothing has changed and Messina can decide when he will give up coaching, even if the extension of his contract includes both roles.