Jankunas and Westermann take on foreign language challenge

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Giannis Askounis

22/May/19 15:00


Leo Westermann and his captain Paulius Jankunas star in Zalgiris TV’s latest episode of #ZalgirisChallenge.

By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

Tough times for long-time Zalgiris Kaunas captain Paulius Jankunas and his teammate Leo Westermann. Through the latest #ZalgirisChallenge, they took on the difficult task of teaching each other their native language. Both gained useful information they hope to use in the future.

Despite the enormous communication issues, the duo displayed their humor in many instances. When Westermann heard the Lithuanian phrase for “slam dunk”, he immediately replied that they must avoid it, because none of them touched the rim throughout the season.

Another humorous approach occured when Jankunas attempted to teach “what did I get a foul for?”. “That’s useful for me” the French guard replied. “Of course, you’re always crying on the court” his captain added.

The tables turned afterwards as Westermann asked the 35-year-old forward to repeat “Leo, fait moi une passe”, which is how you ask for a pass in French. “I need to learn this one, because sometimes in English you don’t understand” Jankunas said.

Check out the whole episode: