Ponsarnau disappointed with Rodriguez’s “strategic trick” during the offseason

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Jaume Ponsarnau expressed his disappointment in Sergio Rodriguez and his environment for dodging a “done-deal” with Valencia this past offseason.

By Eurohoops team / info@eurohoops.net

Valencia head coach Jaume Ponsarnau spoke to lasprovincias.es about Valencia’s big target in the 2019 offseason market, Sergio Rodriguez, and expressed his disappointment with the turn of events with the player finally joining Olimpia Milano.

“I was disappointed by the player and his environment”, Ponsarnau mentioned. “We [as a team] were disappointed because we had the same feeling with other teams, that we “had” this signing. This was the most saddening part”.

Ponsarnau mentioned that this feeling might have been a strategic trick for Rodriguez to get a bigger contract with another club, in this case, Olimpia Milano.


“We are in a world where speculation is part of the game in the summer negotiations and the agents try to make their players earn the maximum money possible. In the specific case of Sergio Rodriguez, we believed that there was an agreement with him, by all indications, and suddenly we found that there was none. The most surprising thing is that there were more teams with the same feelings as Valencia“, added Ponsarnau.