Ataman confirms for Bargnani, Milano to make a run in the summer

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Antonis Stroggylakis

04/Mar/16 15:56

The name of Andrea Bargnani seems to attract some heavy attention from European clubs. The Italian superstar is now a free agent and many teams want to add him in their ranks.

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The name of Andrea Bargnani seems to attract some heavy attention from European teams. The Italian superstar is now a free agent and after Olympiacos tried to bolster its roster with him Galatasaray and Olimpia Armani Milano have also expressed a serious interest of adding him in their ranks.

While the coach of Galatasaray, Ergin Ataman, confirmed the earlier news about Andrea Bargnani having received an offer from the club, the president of Olimpia Armani Milano, Livio Proli, also revealed that his team will make a serious attempt to bring the international Italian player back to Europe for the next season.

Of course, Galatasaray wants to acquire the player’s services… right now. “It is true that Bargnani is a name that was offered to us”, said Galatasaray’s coach to Turkish media. “So we sent our offer to him”, he added. “We proposed Bargnani a 2 month contract and we made an offer close to the sum he wants. We are now waiting for a response. After Dorsey left we still have some budget that we can use for transfers. We don’t have to spent all of it of it of course. It is a two months contract and it doesn’t put as in a difficult situation, financially”. Ergin Ataman added that “We offered Bargnani more money than Olympiacos“.

When it comes to Olimpia Armani Milano, president Livio Proli said in Tuttorsport, that the Italian center is one major target for the club. Milano will pull out the “Euroleague card” on the table, in order to present Bargnani with an even more tempting offer than other teams, according to president Proli.

“We need good Italian players in order to be competitive in two different leagues” commented Mr. Proli, talking about the participation of Milano in both Euroleague and Serie A. “After 10 NBA seasons, Bargnani wants to return to Europe and the challenge that we propose to him is more difficult than the one offered by other teams. What is this challenge? To reach the top of Europe with him. It’s difficult, of course, but the more complicated a challenge is, the more rewarding it can also become. Hopefully he’ll be convinced of that too”.