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Pau: “I’m not here to fill Duncan’s shoes, I’m here to win a title”

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Antonis Stroggylakis

- 27 Sep 2016


By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

Pau Gasol has, naturally, attracted lots of attention during the Media Day of the San Antonio Spurs. The Spanish center talked about what led him to choose this team, his thoughts about the franchise, playing at the side of Tony Parker and many other topics of interest.

“It feels great being here,” he said. “I take it as an incredible opportunity being a part of the Spurs family, to learn and see why this franchise has been so incredibly good and consistent all these years. And then act to it, contribute with my talents to what is already an incredible team and see how far we can go.”

What are the elements that make the Spurs special in his opinion? “I think this franchise is very unique. From what I’ve known, a lot of other franchises are trying to replicate what the Spurs have done here all the years and that is why they hire so many people from their staff! There is a lot of experience here, championship experience which makes everything unique.”

Gasol’s teammates include Tony Parker, with whom they have been opponents countless times in both the NBA and international level. “It has been a lot of time facing each other, not only in the NBA but also in international battles. I think that the first time we played against each other, I was 18 and he was 15. Internationally….we’ve won most of them, but here in the NBA we were able to beat them only in our championship runs with the Lakers.”

“But we are together now and we have to focus on the present and look forward to make the best out of it.”

It goes without saying that Gasol was also asked about Tim Duncan, who retired after the end of the previous season. “It would have been great to play with him but things (Duncan’s retirement) happen for a reason. I hope that he’s around, because I can learn from him. I am not here to fill his shoes and the spot he left but I’m here to do the best with the guys that are here. What is that? Win a title.”

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