Milano survives, upset for Cantu

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Antonis Stroggylakis

03/Oct/16 23:14

First game of the new season in Italy with some interesting results.

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First game of the new season in Italy and some of the most noteworthy team’s of last year’s championship like Trento or Reggio Emilia didn’t really begin as planned, facing defeats from Brindisi and Reggio Caserta respectively.

It was a close call for Olimpia Milano as well. Coach Repesa’s players got away from the grasp of Capo D’Orlando only in the final period, with Krunoslav Simon being (again) the man of the hour for the team from Milan.

Venezia made a powerful display away from home particularly during the second half when it scored 54 points to upset the much ambitious Cantu. Sassari got the job done by beating Varese, while Cremona began in style with a comfortably win vs Pistoia.

Serie A 2016/2017 – Day 1
Enel Brindisi (Amath M’Bayne 17 p. 6 r.) – Aquila Trento: 69 – 61
Sidigas Avellino (Levi Randolph 22 p. 6 r.) – Fiat Torino: 86 – 83
Cantu – Reyer Venezia (Stefano Tonut 26 p.) : 92 – 99
Pesaro (Jarod Jones 19 p. 11 r.) – Brecia: 76 – 73
Reggio Caserta (Alexander Czyz 26 p. 8 r.)- Reggio Emilia: 78 – 75
Capo D’Orlando – Olimpia Armani Milano (Krunoslav Simon 17 p.): 65 – 71
Dinamo Sassari (Darius Johnson-Odom 17 p.) – Varese: 78 – 72
Cremona (Elston Turner 23 p.) – Pistoia: 87 – 67