Besiktas to address FIBA and TBF on McKissic

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Giannis Askounis

10/Feb/20 14:27

Besiktas Sompo Sigorta will pursuit legal options after Shaquielle McKissic inked a contract with Olympiacos.

By John Askounis/

Shortly following Olympiacosannouncement on adding Shaquielle McKissic, Besiktas Sompo Sigorta reacted claiming via press release that the player remains under contract with the Turkish club.

“Shaquielle McKissic is still contracted with our club,” the statement reads, “The requirements of the contract between us are fulfilled. In the event that Shaquielle McKissic signs a contract with another club, it is inevitable that he will be punished for signing a double contract. In this situation, we inform the public that we will start legal initiatives with both FIBA and TBF in order to protect the rights of our club.”

Board member responsible for the basketball division, Umut Senol addressed the matter with the Reds and the 29-year-old forward finalizing their deal. He underlined that paying issues between Besiktas and McKissic were resolved. The Greek team moved forward and signed the former Arizona State alum evolving Besiktas’ protests into an official capacity.