Vit Krejci: I came to Zaragoza because it would help me get to the NBA

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25/Nov/20 20:56

Vit Krejci talked about getting selected in the 2020 NBA Draft, the season-ending injury he’s going through and why he joined Zaragoza at a young age

By Stefan Djordjevic /

The 20-year-old Czech point guard in Vit Krejci was one of the European prospects to get picked up in the 2020 NBA Draft and he came in at 37th spot overall.

The Washington Wizards selected Krejci but he immediately got traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

“They count on me for the future and the most important thing is to get my knee back. When future decisions have to be made, we’ll see,” Krejci told the Spanish edition of

The injury in question was a season-ending one and he suffered it in late September in the game against Real Madrid. The youngster admitted it wasn’t an easy thing to go through. His fellow countrymen and the Bulls point guard in Tomas Satoransky helped him deal with it and get mentally prepared for the Draft.

“When I got injured, my confidence level dropped a bit because the injury has made everything a little more difficult. But the moment I kept my name in the draft and spoke to my manager, he told me there were still options.”

Krejci moved to Spain at the age of 14 to join Zaragoza where he made his professional debut at 16 and stayed there until the Draft. While he didn’t know what the future holds, Krejci noted that his goal has always been the NBA and that was why he chose to sign with the Spanish club.

“It was very difficult, but when I got to Zaragoza the plan or idea was clear: I wanted to get to the NBA, that was my dream. That’s why I came to Zaragoza, because we all thought that this step would help me get there. When I was 13 years old and we made that decision, I still didn’t have everything clear. The only thing was that I wanted to play basketball at the best possible level and get to the NBA and we all saw that as a step to be closer.”