Bogdan Bogdanovic: I was second once. I’ll be happy to get the gold as well

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Antonis Stroggylakis

10/Sep/23 18:09

Bogdan Bogdanovic answers whether Serbia would beat Germany in a series and reveals his feelings after his second silver medal in a World Championship.

By George Efkarpides/

Manila, Philippines – Serbia star guard Bogdan Bogdanovic completed a FIBA World Cup tournament with the silver medal for the second time in his career after 2014. It’s quite an accomplishment but, naturally, the Atlanta Hawks player wishes that he would leave the competition with the gold.

“I was second once. I’ll be happy to get the gold as well. To finish the tournament with a win,” Bogdanovic said after the loss to Germany in the championship game. “Unfortunately, sometimes luck is not on your side. We missed some shots, we missed some opportunities. That’s the game of basketball. That’s how it works. I’m just happy and proud of these guys. Since Day 1, nobody believed in this group. We have been working hard since Day 1 and achieved something, I think.”

Eurohoops asked Bogdanovic if he feels that Serbia would’ve beaten Germany if they faced them in a series instead of a knockout game.

“They have experience,” Bogdanovic answered. “They built this team over years. I’ve been watching them. I know a lot of guys [on the team]. They have been together for years. I think we had better chances in one game. Congrats to them really. They are a tough opponent. They won every single game in this tournament. They have beaten tough teams since the beginning. They deserved it honestly.