Rudy Gobert complains about early wake up call for doping test

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Giannis Askounis

02/Sep/19 08:51

Tough Monday morning for the 27-year-old French center at Shenzhen

By John Askounis/

Rudy Gobert revealed via a post on Twitter he received an early wake-up call from WADA the morning after France’s opening FIBA 2019 FIBA World Cup contest for doping control. The 27-year-old center of the Utah Jazz was upset underlining that the player’s recovery time should be respected.

“Got woke up this morning for doping control, blood and urine, the morning after a late-game when I could sleep more” Gobert noted. “No respect for the player’s recovery time. Terrible way of doing things FIBA.” 

It has to be noted, however, that the doping control tests are not a subject of FIBA, but WADA.

France defeated Germany on Sunday. The rest of Group G action for the European national team features games versus Jordan on Tuesday and the Dominican Republic on Thursday.