Devonte Green: Danny has been my idol since I was little and I have big shoes to fill

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01/Nov/20 11:54

Devonte Green has started off his professional career in Greece with a bang and his goal is to reach the same heights as his older brother, the three-time NBA champion in Danny Green

By Axilleas Mavrodontis, Stefan Djordjevic /

Devonte Green, the younger brother of Danny Green, started off his professional career in Greece this season and the 23-year-old American guard has been showing promise after the first two games with Messolonghi.

He scored ten points in 15 minutes including the game-winning three-pointer in his first pro match, against Aris, while in the following game, he logged 21 points on 5-7 from deep against Kolossos.

Having a brother that won the NBA championship three times and with three different teams (Spurs, Raptors, Lakers) has its advantages and disadvantages but Devonte treasures it.

“It is incredible. I always had someone I wanted to look like. He has been my idol since I was little and I have big shoes to fill, being his brother. But this is a good thing because he has already gone through everything I am now going through and he can show me the way to succeed,” he told Eurohoops.

In fact, Danny has been watching from afar and already had some advice for his younger brother, on the court but also off the court.

“He saw a part of the game, but not the whole game. He told me to stay focused. I made the winning shot, but it’s just the beginning of the season, so I should never get too excited or disappointed about anything.” 

Following the footsteps of his older brother won’t be easy but Devonte will make his push for the NBA as the main goal. If it doesn’t happen, then he won’t mind making his name in Europe.

“That would be ideal. I have been chasing him all my life and it would be great to succeed like him. That is the goal for sure. The NBA is definitely the goal. If this does not happen, then I will definitely think about the Euroleague.”

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