Paris Lee received threats after victory over Olympiacos: “This is getting out of hand”

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Nikola Miloradovic

09/Jun/23 16:15

The US playmaker of Panathinaikos, Paris Lee, took to social media to share the threats he received

By Eurohoops Team/

Panathinaikos tied the Greek final series to 1-1 after a win in OAKA, led by Mateusz Ponitka and Paris Lee with 12 points each.

The US player had an unpleasant experience after the match, receiving serious threats on social media.

Ok, now this sh** is getting out of hand. Rocks to my head. Damn, we win one game, and I’m getting all types of crazy threats,” Lee wrote.

He also shared the message he received, with someone threatening the former Monaco player to “get ready for some rocks at his head.” And it gets even worse and more insulting…

Both games were marked with incidents. Before Game 1 in Peace and Friendship Stadionu, Panathinaikos had a “warm” welcome with objects thrown at the team trying to enter the gym.

As recorded in the official scoresheet before Game 2, Panathinaikos fans sitting courtside verbally attacked coach Georgios Bartzokas while water and yogurt were thrown onto the bench of Olympiacos.

Olympiacos is already punished with a Game 5 to be played in front of the empty stands; it’s still unclear if Panathainikos will get disciplined similarly.