Pitino on Panathinaikos: I haven’t seen a team with this much character since my 1987 Knicks

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Antonis Stroggylakis

01/Jun/19 19:57


Rick Pitino also talked about the reports regarding his future with Panathinaikos.

By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

Panathinaikos head coach Rick Pitino praised his players’ attitude following the win over Peristeri in Game 2 of the Greek League semifinals. The Hall Of Farmer said that he hasn’t seen such a character in one of his teams since he coached the New York Knicks back in the 80s.

“I think we’ve got a laser-sharp shot focus. We play every possession as if it’s meaningful. And that’s what you want from a team that really has a great attitude,” Pitino commented in the post-game flash interview for Cosmote TV.

“Look: I’ve been coaching a long time,” Pitino then said. “Not since my 1987 Knicks, have I seen a team with this much character. Practice hard. Play hard. Take nobody for granted. Respect everyone. So I’m very-very appreciative.”

“When you are me and you are coaching 40 something years. To come over and get a great group of guys. It’s so refreshing, so exciting for me,” Pitino added.

Pitino was also asked about the reports regarding his future with Panathinaikos and if there had been any conversations about the next season with club owner Dimitris Giannakopoulos.

“There’s been no conversation whatsoever. I’m looking for a tenure extension. Anything less than that, I’m not taking it,” Pitino said with a laugh. A little bit later in the press conference after the game, he added: “The biggest contract that I had was a seven-year deal with the Celtics and I want to break this record. I want to tell to Dimitris what the Celtics had paid me, but he will get a heart attack. We haven’t had any talks, cause we are focused on our target. My intention is to help my team for the future, either I am here, or not. However, because everything I say here gets published in the States, the headline in the NY Post will be that Pitino wants a 10-year deal and will ask for more money compared to the Celtics deal”.