Domestic Leagues Top10: Spain, VTB and the others

23/Sep/19 19:39 September 24, 2019

Aris Barkas

23/Sep/19 19:39

While the landscape all around Europe has not drastically changed, the future of the domestic league is in question unless drastic changes are made

By Aris Barkas/

The season has already started in France and Lithuania, most of the leagues are having their tip-off this week, and it’s time for the annual Eurohoops ranking of the European domestic leagues. While in general, you could say once more that few things changed compared to last season, practically this is going to be a more than a pivotal year for the domestic leagues.

There’s no connection anymore between a EuroLeague ticket and the domestic results. The traditional European sports model is practically changing for the first time in any sport, and that will be an extra challenge for many of the local leagues. As FIBA secretary general Andreas Zagklis said back in May: “What is most important here is that this is a moment of truth for national leagues in Europe. Either they will become stronger and maintain and even grow their position as we believe they should as they represent the vast majority of clubs, or they will become what the ECA want them to be, which is the third division of Europe”. 

Like last year, the Top10 is divided into three tiers. And as expected, the top tier includes just two leagues with the BSL keeping the third spot, but also dropping to the second tier. And once again, the leagues of Belgium and Poland, despite their progress, missed the cut.


  1. ACB Liga Endesa – Spain (-)
  2. VTB United League (-)
  3. BSL – Turkey (-)
  4. Jeep ELITE ProA – France (+1)
  5. Lega Basket Serie A– Italy (-1)
  6. Easy credit BBL -Germany (+1)
  7. HEBA Basket League – Greece (-1)
  8. Adriatic League (-)
  9. Winner’s League – Israel (+1)
  10. LKL – Lithuania (-1)