Virtus Bologna destroyed Derthona to win the series in Game 5

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Cesare Milanti

21/May/24 22:45

Tornike Shengelia dragged Luca Banchi’s team to the LBA Semi-Finals against Reyer Venice

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Fearing a shocking elimination in the LBA Playoffs, Virtus Bologna replied with pride and eliminated Derthona in Game 5 of their Quarter-Finals series. The home side won 92-63 in front of its fans.

Missing the first two games of the series due to a feverish attack, Tornike Shengelia dominated the encounter with 22 points and 7 rebounds in his team’s dominant do-or-die victory. The MVP of the Season Marco Belinelli added 15 points and 5 assists.

On Derthona’s losing side, Colbey Ross wasn’t enough with an all-around performance of 10 points, 4 rebounds, and 4 assists. The former Virtus Bologna veteran Kyle Weems concluded his first season away from this city with 10 points.

Luca Banchi’s team will face Reyer Venice in the LBA Semi-Finals after that Rayjon Tucker and teammates took out Reggio Emilia in Game 5 as well. On the other side of the bracket, Brescia and Milano will go after each other after respectively eliminating Pistoia and Trento.

LBA Quarter-Finals

Reyer Venezia – Reggio Emilia, G1: 74-82
Reyer Venezia – Reggio Emilia, G2: 83-75
Reggio Emilia – Reyer Venezia, G3: 78-66
Reggio Emilia – Reyer Venezia, G4: 92-95
Reyer Venezia – Reggio Emilia, G5: 83-67

Virtus Bologna – Derthona Tortona, G1: 92-80
Virtus Bologna – Derthona Tortona, G2: 83-77
Derthona Tortona – Virtus Bologna, G3: 91-81
Derthona Tortona – Virtus Bologna, G4: 82-75
Virtus Bologna – Derthona Tortona, G5: 92-63

Olimpia Milano – Aquila Trento, G1: 83-84
Olimpia Milano – Aquila Trento, G2: 104-93
Aquila Trento – Olimpia Milano, G3: 68-83
Aquila Trento – Olimpia Milano, G4: 69-87

Germani Brescia – Estra Pistoia, G1: 79-70
Germani Brescia – Estra Pistoia, G2: 97-75
Estra Pistoia – Germani Brescia, G3: 77-98

PHOTO CREDIT: Virtus Segafredo Bologna

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