LeBron James: “Thinking I have something to prove fuels me”

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Stefan Djordjevic

12/Oct/20 11:07


LeBron James won his fourth NBA title in his 17th season, at the age 35, and he explained what helped an gave him that extra motivation to chase the top

By Stefan Djordjevic / info@eurohoops.net

LeBron James won his fourth NBA championship and fourth Finals MVP as he led the LA Lakers past the Miami Heat in six games.

The 35-year-old stated that the road through the bubble was very tough: “This was very challenging and very difficult. It played with your mind, and it played with your body. You’re away from some of the things you’re so accustomed to that make you the professional you are. This is right up there with one of the greatest accomplishments I have.”

There may not have ever been a player that gets as much attention from critiques as LeBron, and while sometimes that doesn’t seem fair or gets under his skin, it also serves as a source of motivation and so it did this time.

“I think, personally, thinking I have something to prove fuels me. And it fueled me over this last year and a half since my injury. It fueled me because no matter what I’ve done in my career up until this point, there’s still rumblings of doubt, or comparing me to the history of the game, and, ‘Has he done this? Has he done that?’ So, having that in my head, having that in my mind, saying to myself, ‘Why not still have something to prove?’ I think it fuels me.”

As great as James is, he would have hardly done it all alone and Anthony Davis fulfilled his role as the right-hand man in this run to the trophy. “I can’t really explain it. It’s just certain things you know. In any type of relationship, you kinda just feel, you know, that vibe, you can have that respect. You have that drive, and sometimes you can’t explain what links you with somebody, and that’s organic.”

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