Tracy McGrady: “Tony Parker deserves to be on the NBA’s 75th Anniversary Team”

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Giannis Askounis

16/Nov/21 16:09

Tony Parker should have been included in the NBA’s “Top 75” list, explains former San Antonio Spurs teammate Tracy McGrady

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Tracy McGrady discussing players snubbed from the NBA 75th Anniversary Team extended to Tony Parker missing the cut.

“You can’t be mad at this list. I look at Tony Parker,” he told Sports Illustrated, “Tony Parker deserves to be on this list. There are guys that are not on there that should be on there and there are guys that are on there that I feel shouldn’t be on there. I feel that players not on the list have a better resume than some of the guys that are on this list.”

The starting point of the conversation was set on Dwight Howard out of the “Top 75”.

“That’s a travesty. Dwight Howard deserves to be on that list for eight straight years that he was extremely dominant,” said the retired player and seven-time All-Star from 2001 to 2007, “And I just can’t believe some of the guys they have on the list that I’m looking at, like Anthony Davis. No disrespect to Anthony Davis, but before he got to LeBron James and won that championship with the Lakers, I mean… you’re trying to tell me if Anthony Davis was to retire right now he has a better career than Dwight Howard? No way.”

McGrady, 42, wrapped up his career in the 2013 Playoffs as a teammate of Parker at the San Antonio Spurs. He made his way to six postseason contests in a limited role as his side reached the NBA Finals but lost in seven games to the Miami Heat.

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