Kings played “Cold As Ice” every time Westbrook missed a shot, NBA took notice

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Stefan Djordjevic

14/Jan/22 17:01

Sacramento Kings “trolled” Russell Westbrook perhaps for the last time

By Eurohoops team/

It’s not unusual to see teams “trolling” each other in various ways, even during the game, and one of those examples happened to Russell Westbrook as the Sacramento Kings prepared the song “Cold As Ice” specifically for the Lakers star.

The Kings DJ would play “Cold As Ice” every time Westbrook missed a shot in the Lakers‘ loss to Sacramento. When asked after the game about it, Westbrook, who seemed as though he genuinely didn’t notice the “troll”, quickly thought of a fiery response.

“That’s funny, I hope they played that the last 14 years too. It’s funny them playing it now, that’s cute,” he said thought a sly smile.

However, while it was all in good fun for all sides involved, the NBA did take notice and, according to Sean Cunningham, the bit used by the Kings will not be allowed to continue.