Nets – Sixers reportedly making progress on James Harden – Ben Simmons trade

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09/Feb/22 12:29

A few hours before the trade deadline, there’s reported progress in the James Harden – Ben Simmons deal between the Brooklyn Nets and the Philadelphia 76ers

By Antigoni Zachari /

The trade deadline is just hours away (February 10, 15:00 ET), yet there’s no final deal between the Brooklyn Nets and the Philadelphia 76ers about the James Harden – Ben Simmons trade.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst recently joined Scott Van Pelt on the SportsCenter to discuss the complex situation of the negotiations between the two teams, stating that the two sides are definitely making progress on the deal.

“The sides are definitely communicating and definitely making progress”, tells Windhorst, who also explained the two main factors behind the delay of a final agreement.

As he mentions, Brooklyn is concerned about which other player will be included in the deal, hoping to get Seth Curry. The situation is more complex on the Philadelphia side, which has to consider the fact that James Harden will require a veteran contract extension this summer.

“From the Philadephia side, you’re not just trading for James Harden this year. You’re trading for James Harden who wants at age 33 a $220M extension this summer. And that’s not an easy signoff for Philadelphia ownership”, tells Windhorst.

However, as he further reports, Philadelphia has been making some progress in the last day or so. “Philadelphia has been out there looking at ancillary moves. Looking to clear salary cap, looking to clear roster space. There is some indication that something will happen”.

Late last week, Nets head coach Steve Nash called the trade rumors “outside noise”, stating that the team is not looking to trade for Harden, though it looks like there’s evident progress to back up for the deal.