The Top-10 NBA free agents still available on the market

18/Oct/22 13:13 October 18, 2022

Cesare Milanti

18/Oct/22 13:13

Carmelo Anthony, Kemba Walker, and DeMarcus Cousins are among the Top-10 NBA free agents still on the market

By Dimitris Minaretzis/

There are a lot of names in the NBA who have become free agents and will not start the season, waiting for an opportunity in the short term or not.

That’s not news. What’s really surprising is how many big names have not yet found a team and are for the moment out of the league.

Carmelo Anthony

2021-22 numbers (Los Angeles Lakers): 13.3 points, 4.2 rebounds

Carmelo Anthony is definitely the biggest name still available at the moment. The truth is that there was no particular buzz for him in the market and interest in the 38-year-old forward has faded. Is this a sign that his career ended without much noise? Not at all, since last year he showed that his legs still hold.