Dennis Schroder detained by LAPD, complains of being “very aggressively” handcuffed

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Nikola Miloradovic

27/Jan/23 23:35

Los Angeles Lakers playmaker was pulled over after the vehicle allegedly had improper plates

By Eurohoops Team/

Crazy night for Los Angeles Lakers guard Dennis Schroder, as the police stopped him in Hollywood after the win against San Antonio Spurs.

TMZ reported that he was detained because his vehicle had improper plates, but the German national team player gave some interesting details in a Youtube video.

He revealed that he was handcuffed “very aggressively” by cops and that there were almost 30 police cars at the scene and officers with all sorts of weapons.
It was like I was a criminal who did something. It was crazy,” Schroder says in the video.

Lakers‘ guard added that police tried to tell him the car he was riding in was stolen, but Schroder explained that the license plate of the vehicle he was in was from a Cadilac he sold, leading to the confusion.

Luckily, everything god cleared pretty quickly.
They found the error, and everything was fine. Ultimately, they did everything well and even helped us, and everything was settled. Luckily, nothing happened to anyone, and we came home safely,” Schroder explained in his Youtube video.