Steph Curry says he’s the best point guard in NBA history

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Antonis Stroggylakis

21/Aug/23 22:08

Steph Curry puts only one other legendary point guard next to him.

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Steph Curry didn’t try to play the “humble card” when prompted to say where he stands among the top NBA point guards of all time.

“Yes,” Curry told Gilbert Arenas when the former NBAer asked the Golden State Warriors superstar if he’s the best point guard ever in the NBA. “I have to, yes. It’s me and Magic [Johnson] is that the conversation?”

“Obviously, I have to answer that way,” Curry added. “Magic’s resume is ridiculous. So the fact that we’re having that conversation, that’s the place I never thought I’d be in.

Curry ain’t lying since Magic Johnson finished his career with three MVP awards (Curry has two) and three Finals MVP trophies (Curry won his first in 2022), apart from the five championship titles he won with the Los Angeles Lakers and numerous other accolades.

“Magic? That’s a lofty resume to shoot for. I’m still going,” Curry also mentioned. He can certainly increase both his individual and team trophies, the latter standing at four NBA rings.

Arenas’ point was that Magic was more of a “point forward” due to his height and that Curry’s style has been more game-changing for the NBA and influential when it comes to young kids trying to emulate him.

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