Steve Kerr on the Israel-Hamas conflict: “My heart goes out to everyone involved”

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Cesare Milanti

03/Nov/23 15:06

The 58-year-old head coach commented on the ongoing conflict following the massacre by Hamas in Israel

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Following the massacre executed by the terroristic organization of Hamas, things have drastically changed in Israel, and the sports world has been obviously involved as well, with teams from the country being forced to play European home games abroad.

Another prominent basketball personality like Steve Kerr, whose father was assassinated back in 1984 in Lebanon, commented on the matter. “My main emotion is just great sadness for all the families and victims, starting a few weeks ago in Israel. The massacre that occurred was so devastating, it’s just unimaginable to think about the pain and suffering”, he first said.

Then, he also touched on the innocent victims of the bombings occurring in Gaza. “And then of course with the response and what’s happening in Gaza, so many innocent people are being killed. It’s devastating and my heart goes out to everyone involved”, the Golden State Warriors head coach then added.