Bogdan Bogdanovic on Vince Carter, re-adjusting his goals and money

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Antigoni Zachari

24/Jul/17 14:31

Bogdan Bogdanovic openly speaks about meeting with Vince Carter and much more now that he joined the Sacramento Kings.

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In a recent interview given to Sasha Ozmo, Bogdan Bogdanovic shared his NBA stories so far, discussed his mentality, as well as signing a $27m. contract with the Sacramento Kings.

First off, the new Kings‘ player discusses veteran teammate, Vince Carter, who’s still going at it at 40!

“He can still provide on the floor, which he showed last season in the Grizzlies. He is a globally famous man.” Bogdan says.

“Vince waited for us in the van. He said ‘What’s up, teammate’ to me. Then we chatted a bit, just for relaxing topics, but Carter is a fanatic for basketball, he follows everything; he watched Euroleague. Divac even told me at that night that Carter had invested abnormal amounts of money in a basketball hall in one of his houses.”

Bogdan’s hosts in Sacramento were legends of Kings’ and Serbian’s basketball, now officials – Vlade Divac and Predrag Stojakovic. 

“We talked about various topics, I was told a lot about Sacramento and Arco arena in which they had previously played, about previous teams. They told me that I would need time to adapt, but the player has to rely heavily on the instinct and that talent in the NBA is particularly valued. Peja told me that I must forget everything I did in Europe and that I have to prove myself in the first place, but he also told me that the trainers are much more tolerant towards European players than in his time and that they respect them more – the reason is that now many follow them.”

In Partizan he fought for trophies and won them, same as with Fenerbahce, and now he is in a situation where he will have to adjust his mentality, since winning a title in the NBA is quite the challenge.

“I’m not afraid of that, I need to redirect the competitive spirit that I have to redeem to the other side – to compete with myself and to prove to myself that I can be a serious player in the NBA. When I came to Partizan, I wanted to be one of the best players, the same case was in Fener, I think the same now. Even when failures occur, they are just giving me motivation, and I see exactly what I’m missing and what I need to do. I think I will not have a problem with it – if it is clearly defined that the goal is to enter the play-off in just three years, then I have that goal in front of me, I will simplify things in my head.”

Money is the next topic on the menu – Bogdan signed a three-year $27 million worth contract with Sacramento, but for some time he has been living the life of a successful professional athlete.

“I have not yet met someone who has changed so much from making money, these are some small changes, for example, shopping. When you create better conditions for yourself, it’s normal to drive a better car, to spend more, to enjoy life. I know that money is power, and that is unfortunately so. Whoever has more money, does not have to be particularly intelligent, others will listen to him. These are ill thoughts. I try to make money not so much for me, I stay the same and spend it within the limits of the normal. I try to enjoy as much as I can whenever I have the opportunity. All I can do for myself, my family, my friends, I do it.”