NBA: Top 30 European players (20-11)

16/Oct/17 11:43 October 17, 2017

Aris Barkas

16/Oct/17 11:43

Over the years, the NBA has seen many unique talents from all over the world. European players like Pau Gasol, Drazen Petrovic, Tony Parker, Dirk Nowitzki have left their mark on the NBA’s legends list.

By George Efkarpides & Dionysis Aravantinos /

In recent times, more and more European players join the NBA and this year, a record-breaking 74 European players will be playing in the NBA.

The NBA has been attracted to international players, who seem to have unique talents, and are ready to conquer the basketball world.

Last season, many European players had dazzling campaigns with their respective teams. Others are considered to be ‘rising stars’ and players like Giannis Antetokounmpo have already established themselves as top-10 players in the league.

An exciting season is just around the corner and has ranked the top 30 Europeans for the upcoming year.

The criteria for this year’s rankings are: The quality of the player, his role on the team and what is expected from him this upcoming season. Moreover, the playing time we anticipate he will get by his coach in combination with what he has been able to achieve in his NBA career so far.

Here are the picks from 30 to 21.