Alex Antetokounmpo: “Hopefully, I can get to the same level as my brothers”

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18/Aug/18 18:10

As the Basketball Without Borders comes to an end, Eurohoops caught up with Alex Antetokounmpo, the youngest of the Antetokounbros.

By Drazen Kanazir/

Belgrade – The first-ever Basketball Without Borders (BWB) camp in Belgrade has come to a close today (18/8) and Eurohoops caught up with the 17-year-old Alex Antetokounmpo, the youngest of the ‘Antetokounbros‘.

Alex has been studying and playing at the Dominican High School in Milwaukee which stopped one game short of the State Championship quarterfinals last season. He believes that he could’ve done more and will be even more motivated to lead the team in the upcoming season:

“This season I felt as I could’ve done more. We lost a game going up to state and I feel like coming into his season being the captain of my team I feel I should be a leader coming in and try to provide my team with a state championship”

It’s rare to see four brothers all playing basketball and being that talented at it. As the youngest of the Antetokounmpos, Alex could first-hand see his role models growing and he looks to do the same:

“You don’t see that very often and we’re so connected and close that it makes it even more fun and better to be so talented and related. When you have someone who plays at such a high level in your house, it’s hard to look elsewhere for motivation and leadership. I just try to work out as hard as I can. Hopefully, I can get up to the same level as my brothers one day and just try to model my game after them.”

Here is what Alex Antetokounmpo had to say about the BWB camp, his idols, his brothers, Belgrade and more:

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