Yam Madar complained of partial loss of his vision, more exams to be made

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Aris Barkas

03/Dec/23 11:40


Fenerbahce announced that Yam Madar’s eye injury during the game against Besiktas may be more serious that expected

By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

Yam Madar got injured last night during the game of the Turkish BSL between Fenerbahce and Besiktas, he was able after getting stitches above his eye to finish the game, however things are not so simple after all.

As Fenerbahce announced today: “One of the many objects thrown from the home team’s stands hit our athlete Yam Madar in the head. Our player, who had to go to the locker room, continued to play in the second half of the match after the intervention of our medical team and his intense desire to do so. After the match, our athlete complained of partial vision loss. Yam Madar’s condition will become clear as a result of further examinations”.

Fenerbahce, however, expects a penalty for Besiktas and also stricter measures in the future: “Aside from swearing at every moment of the match, countless objects were thrown from the stands, creating an environment that threatened the health of all individuals on the court. We condemn those who created this environment and the competition officials who continued the game even though it reached a point where one of our athletes was injured. From all individuals and institutions, especially the Turkish Basketball Federation, whose main and primary responsibility is to ensure that these events do not happen in sports arenas and if they do, they end immediately, we expect to identify the person (s) who caused this environment and imposing the necessary penalties. We expect the strictest measures to be taken and implemented to prevent similar shameful events from recurring”.

Fenerbahce coach Dimitris Itoudis already spoke about the issue after the game, calling “terrorist” the individual who threw the object that injured Madar: “I can’t talk about basketball after what happened. What if the coin had hit Madar a little lower and he had lost an eye? We must do something about this, I disagree that there’s nothing we can do”.