Fenerbahce got the 3-0 in an empty arena after overtime

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Aris Barkas

14/Jun/17 21:49


It was a bit like the Greek finals, even if the things were much more tame. Still Besiktas Arena was evacuated in order for the game between the hosts and Fenerbahce to be completed, almost three hours after the tip off.

By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

Bogdan Bogdanovic send the game to overtime and scored 23 points in total as Fenerbahce got in the end the 86-80 win and needs one more win in order to win the BSL championship title.

It was a tense game with Fenerbahce having a 70-69 with 90 seconds left and the refs calling a “T” on Besiktas bench. This had as a result objects thrown on the court by the home fans and the interruption of the match.

According to the BSL rules the referees had already interrupted the game in the 25th minute after the third public announcement towards the fans in order to behave. The league had decided that the refs should stop the game for 15 minutes after the third announcement in order for things to calm down. It has also to be noted that compared to incidents happening in other courts around Europe, things were relatively tame. Still during the second interruption some Besiktas fans tried to enter the court. The game finished after the evacuation of the gym without fans in the stands.

Besiktas still had the chance to win, leading 74-71 before the final buzzer, but the players of coach Ufuk Sarice left Bogdanovic open for a three twice during in the last seconds. He missed the first, but made the second attemp.

It was a strange game in which Fenerbahce led by 11 points (32-21) at the first half, but thanks to D.J.Strawberry who had in total 22 points, the hosts come back. Still, their mind and energy was lost after the second interruption. As Bogdanovic said after the game: “I am not so smart to speak about what happened. It’s better to play before the fans. I didn’t understood what happened”.