Ataman on Obradovic: “I was there to shake his hand. He decided to not come”

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Antonis Stroggylakis

14/Feb/18 20:55

Ergin Ataman wanted to shake hands with Zeljko Obradovic but he was given the cold shoulder. Literally.

By Yigit Alp Kalkanci & Utkan Sahin/

Anadolu Efes head coach Ergin Ataman commented on Fenerbahce‘s Zeljko Obradovic refusal to shake hands with him just before the tip-off of their teams’ clash for the Turkish Cup quarterfinals.

“He did not come. He did not come. As he wishes,” Ataman told Eurohoops’ Yigit Alp Kalkanci. “I said that this issue is over at yesterday’s press conference. And today I was there with pennant to shake his hand. He did not come by his decision.”

Obradovic completely snubbed Ataman and didn’t even acknowledge his opposing coach’s presence. In the pre-game press conference for Turkish Cup tournament, Zoc had mentioned a “lack of respect”, when asked if he’s going to shake hands with Ataman, without mentioning the name of Efes‘ coach.

Regarding the victory of his team over Fenerbahce, Ataman said the following in the post-game press presser.

“Worthy of the name, it was a great fight. Fans must have enjoyed it a lot, as there was a really high level of basketball not only in terms of fight but also we played a pretty good basketball. We controlled the game from the very beginning until the end. After all, Fenerbahce has a very good quality roster. They never take a step back. They were back at the end of the game, but we still won despite our foul problems. At the end, I said three things to my players: ‘You fought very well, you played a very good basketball and you proved to be highly honorable players.’ Finally, I would like to thank Fenerbahce and its coach for motivating us so high.” Ataman on what he thinks about Obradovic’s “Not an early final” comments: “Ask about this to Obradovic. I do not want to answer on his behalf.”