The Devoted Ones

22/Feb/18 13:39 February 22, 2018

John Rammas

22/Feb/18 13:39

Players come and go on every team, but there are some players who are not big fans of changes. Eurohoops presents the Top 10 players who have played the most games with the same team in the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague.

By John Rammas/

Being devoted to one team is rare these days, but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t those who defy that trend. Eurohoops searched, found and presents here the 10 players who have accumulated the most games with the same team in the EuroLeague – proving their devotion, as the competition’s anthem says.

Berni Rodriguez
169 games with Unicaja Malaga
7.4 points | 1.8 rebounds | 2.1 assists | 0.7 steals | 0.0 blocks | 1.6 turnovers | 21.6 min

He came of age in Unicaja Malaga’s development programs and ended up playing with them for 11 seasons in the EuroLeague (2001-12), earning everyone’s respect with the consistency of his game. He was present at the team’s only appearance in a Final Four. In fact, Rodriguez played a leading role in that accomplishment, as 2007 was his best season in the competition and his only one with a double-digit point average (10.8).