Euro(League) indeed

29/Mar/18 15:11 March 29, 2018

John Rammas

29/Mar/18 15:11

One competition, one award, 13 presentations, 12 winners and one common feature shared by all the EuroLeague MVPs of the season from 2006-07 onwards.

By John Rammas/

The first MVP was from the USA and succeeded himself; all the rest have been from Europe and succeeded each other.

Eurohoops remembers them one by one and awaits the next in line…

18 points | 5.3 rebounds | 3.6 assists | 2 steals | 0.6 blocks | 1.8 turnovers | 34:44 minutes | 24.9 PIR

Scoring was his specialty, but not the only talent of which he had many and knew like few others how to reveal them on the court. In his third season in the competition, Anthony Parker also knew how to turn those talents into personal triumph. With career-high averages in points, steals and PIR, his selection as MVP coincided with the second of back-to-back trophies with Maccabi Tel Aviv.