EuroLeague Power Rankings by Eurohoops: Vol. 1

05/Oct/23 09:45 October 5, 2023

John Rammas

05/Oct/23 09:45

It is not possible to start a Euroleague without the Official EuroLeague Power Rankings by Eurohoops. So here we go!

By John Rammas/

Many consider last season to be the most exciting in EuroLeague history. Can it get any better? The answer should be: Why not?

The competition seems stronger than ever, all teams have improved, and any prediction is bound to fall down the drain sooner rather than later.

And since the start of the year is just coming today, it’s time for the first version of this season’s Power Rankings from Eurohoops.

We evaluated the 18 teams on a scale of 1 to 10 in five different areas that can reveal the dynamics of each at the start of the year.


Roster quality: The talent of all players on each team’s roster and the completeness in all positions are evaluated.

Chemistry: Big and flashy names don’t always guarantee a good team. Although it is very early and the teams are still trying to build a core, the chemistry that the players may already have with each other and how familiar they are with their coach is very important.

Status: The name and legacy of each club do not play basketball, but in crucial games sometimes a “heavy” jersey can decide the result.

Transfer moves: In this specific category, the summer moves in the transfer market are evaluated and the weakening or strengthening of a team is assessed.

Season projection: Our assessment of each team’s goals. The teams that are the big favorites to be in the Final Four (May 24 to 26 at Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin) and to win the trophy get a 9. The teams that aim to be in the final phase and have enough chances to succeed get an 8. Those who have as their main goal the direct qualification to the playoffs (positions 1-6) must settle for a 7, and 6 goes to those who are expected to get the qualification to the playoffs at least through the newly established play-in tournament (positions 7-10). The total underdogs must settle for 5s.

The assessment of the course and dynamics of each team is as it has been formed before the official games even begin and is expected to vary during the year.


Roster quality: 6
Chemistry: 7
Status: 5
Transfers: 6
Season projection: 5
Total: 29

No one expects ALBA to be present at the Final Four that will be hosted again in Berlin, but at least we hope for them to stop circling the last places in the rankings (15th in 2021, 10th out of 15 teams in 2022, 16th in 2023). Coach Israel González has to manage again a mission impossible without the contribution of do-it-all players like Maodo Lo and, above all, Luke Sikma.