EuroLeague: Off to the NBA and China

17/Aug/17 11:37 August 17, 2017

Aris Barkas

17/Aug/17 11:37

Several great players of teams that play a leading role in the EuroLeague are deciding to… move to the NBA and the CBA for many millions of dollars and, as a result, quality solutions are dwindling.

By Stefanos Tatsios/

The top European club competition might be changing for the best in recent years, as the new system with many great games every week, is very attractive for the fans, however many top-shelf players are… departing for foreign shores and, more specifically, the NBA and China.

Now, with so many important absences, it remains to be seen whether the EuroLeague will be devitalized and to what extent it will affect the league.

This year alone, during this summer’s long transfer period, a total of 18 players left (11 of them for the NBA and 7 for the CBA) and we are talking about some of the most important names in European basketball, who, in the new season, will step on the courts of another continent, looking for a different… fate.

The reasons for the decisions of the stars of European courts to leave their teams – for a change of scene as well as continent – are many, the most basic of all having to do with money. The money that is being offered by the Chinese, the increase of the salary cap in the NBA, but also the most guaranteed contracts on the rosters of the teams in the best League in the world that, at the same time, offer them the prestige of competing at the highest level in the world.

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