The progress card of 10+1 former EuroLeague stars!

25/Dec/17 11:55 December 26, 2017

Aris Barkas

25/Dec/17 11:55

Last summer several players chose to leave Europe with the purpose of trying their luck in the NBA and the Chinese league. How have they fared since then and who have been justified in their decision?

Βy Giorgos Orfanakis /

Right now, the Chinese league and the NBA are the two largest competitors of the EuroLeague, with several of its biggest stars choosing to play outside of Europe.

There are many reasons for this and, among other things, they have to do with the heavy game schedule, annual earnings and of course the “glamor” that goes with playing in the best league in the world. Every kid dreams of playing in the NBA one day and for several European and American athletes, that time has come.

Eurohoops singled out the cases of 10 players who packed their backs and headed to foreign lands just a few months ago. Where are they today and how well are they doing?

PS. We miss you Aaron Jackson…