The Top 10 NBA contracts and their salaries per second

11/Sep/18 10:53 September 11, 2018

Aris Barkas

11/Sep/18 10:53

Eurohoops found the Top 10 players’ contracts in the NBA with the highest average value, estimated their earnings per second and took the craziness one step further!

By John Rammas/

The prompt for the feature was a tweet from ESPN about LeBron James’s contract with the Lakers and his revenues for next season.

It’s just that, not only does King James not have the most expensive current contract, he’s only fourth in earnings per second.

For the sake of comparison here are the Top 10 EuroLeague contracts. So take a deep breath and read about the NBA Top 10.

#10. KEVIN DURANT (Golden State Warriors)

Total contract value: $61.500.000 (68th) until 2020

Contract value 2018-19: $30.000.000 (11th)

Average contract value: $30.750.000

Per second: $130.2

It’s his third season with the Warriors, third contract since the summer of 2016, again for 1+1 years, having turned down the +1 on the previous two, aiming at higher earnings. Not that $61.500.000 until 2020 is a lot for a back-to-back Finals MVP. Besides, he’s 68th in the relevant ranking, but at least in terms of average value, it’s enough to get him in the Top 10. Obviously, the $130.2 per second is not a small amount.