EuroLeague: The Top 10 NBAers who opted for Europe

30/Jul/19 17:35 September 29, 2019

Antonis Stroggylakis

30/Jul/19 17:35

Every year the NBA “sucks out” the EuroLeague’s best players, leaving it bereft of big names. It happened again this year. The top European competition was able to attract several players from the NBA which have a notable career.

By Dimitris Minaretzis and Stefan Djordjevic/

Of course, it’s not easy for an NBAer to abandon his career in the USA. A big name could not play in the EuroLeague if he had good offers in the NBA.

This year, however, players with considerable careers and plenty of experience in the best league in the world have come to the EuroLeague, many of them, in fact, for the first time in their basketball lives.

Eurohoops picked out ten of them in no particular order. Those were the ones who created more buzz, plus one coach, Ettore Messina, who has made also a big return.