Robotics training laboratories have arrived at Eurohoops Dome!

Eurohoops STEAM by STEAMCenter, the program of activities for elementary school children, combines fun with education through robotics. From the very first lesson, kids and parents were thrilled with the fascinating world revealed to them. Boys and girls experimented with Lego and with the specialized equipment gave them life forming complete robotic creations.

If you wish to explore robotics yourself, get your coupon from the Eurohoops Academy front desk to attend a free trial.

With Lego training packages, elementary school children connect with robotics and the concepts of engineering, programming, energy, recycling and space. The teaching method of STEM, and its evolution STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics), adopted by the specialized staff at STEAMCenter, maximizes benefits for young kids. Each workshop is an experience of creation and knowledge developing important skills for students.

Benefits for elementary school children by the STEM teaching method

  • Development of perceptual ability and critical thinking
  • Nurturing natural curiosity
  • Ensuring a smooth transition between educational levels
  • Supporting overall academic development

Eurohoops STEAM is specially designed separately for each age group from kindergarden to sixth grade of school. Classes are small and flexible for the teachings to fit accordingly on the level and interests of the kids. The schedule stretches one year. The first stage introduces robotics and from there activities expand depending always on the progress of the participants.


Time schedule: Saturday
For kids born in 2016-2017 | 10:00-11:15
For kids born in 2014-2015 | 11:15-12:30
For kids born in 2012-2013 | 12:30-13:45
Monthly subscription cost: 50 euros

Administrative office

Monday to Friday | 17:00-20:30
Saturday | 09:00-16:00
Sunday | 09:00-11:30


Phone: 210 800 2957, 698 303 6590

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