The Eurohoops Dome embraces youngsters with autism spectrum disorder creating EUROhope in collaboration with civil non-profit company “The Jumpball Of Love”. Sports have the power to change the world. That is the goal of EUROhope, aiming to create a better world for kids with autism spectrum disorder and offering hope to them!

Eurohoops Organization, firmly believing that sports have the power to change the world, announced the institution of two special basketball education departments for kids with autism spectrum disorder powered by the know-how of “The Jumpball Of Love”, the innovative basketball teaching plan designed for kids with special educational needs. EUROhope embraces youngsters with autism spectrum disorder presenting a proper environment do sports and have fun for free. Participating in the team sports plan designed to meet their needs, kids can improve fitness and meet a new world full of joy and hope. EUROhope provides special basketball education aiming to educate and train kids in sports and removing the barriers of diversity, on and off the playing field.

EUROhope is for young people aged between 12 and 22, with autism spectrum disorder. The “Jumpball Of Love” inspirer and founder Giannis Tsoumpris as the program manager prepared the training plan based on his expert knowledge and vast experience. The activities of special basketball education departments will be held at the state-of-the-art facilities of Eurohoops Dome, located in Kifisia, once a week. The venue will be adapted to the needs of the program with a rescuer present throughout practice sessions.


Schedule: Friday | 19:00-19:45, 19:45-20:30
Subscription is free


Phone: 2108002957, 6983036590

Administrative office

Monday to Friday | 17:00-20:30
Saturday | 09:00-16:00
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