Racial slurs to Ulm’s Yago dos Santos at Badalona, Joventut and ELPA took action

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Nikola Miloradovic

08/Feb/23 20:17


Two Joventut Badalona fans repeatedly insulted Ulm’s Yago dos Santos during EuroCup Round 14 game

By Eurohoops Team / info@eurohoops.net

Joventut Badalona got a stunning comeback win over Ratiopharm Ulm at the 7Days EuroCup Round 14, but the game was also marked by racial slurs directed to German team player Yago dos Santos.

Two women insulted the Brazilian from the stands, shouting ‘Monkey! ‘ to the spectators’ laughter.

Joventut issued an official statement regarding the racistic behavior.

We strongly reject any type of intimidating, harassing, racist and/or xenophobic behavior and/or comments in our facilities and in any of the fields where our teams play their matches,” as stated in the club’s announcement, “We have already brought the videos to the attention of the competent authorities so that they can analyze them, take the necessary actions and take the corresponding decisions. As always, Club Joventut Badalona will collaborate as necessary with the authorities and abide by the decisions that arise.

EuroLeague Players Association (ELPA) also condemned it, adding that the action has already been taken.

ELPA strongly condemns racist behavior expressed by a fan of Joventut Badalona towards Yago dos Santos of Ratiopharm Ulm in yesterday’s Eurocup game between the two clubs. Such behavior has no place in sport or in life. ELPA is already in touch with Euroleague Basketball and expects Joventut Badalona to take appropriate measures against the fan with the goal to completely eradicate such behavior from future games and events,” as per the official announcement.