Bochoridis: Pablo Laso contacted me and we resolved what was miscommunicated

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Antigoni Zachari

30/Jan/21 14:21

The incident between Bochoridis and Pablo Laso is now resolved

By Eurohoops team /

Following the game between Real Madrid and Panathinaikos and the incident with Jaycee Carroll’s injury, Pablo Laso stated harsh comments directed to Lefteris Bochoridis, asking that the guard would be punished by EuroLeague.

Bochoridis was later asked to comment on the incident and Laso’s criticism on Friday night, to which he stated great coach, but small as a person“.

The conflict is now resolved, as coach Laso contacted Bochoridis to sort things out, the Greek player communicated Saturday through his Instagram account.

“Sports can offer unique moments. I experienced one of these last night. After the game in Madrid, I was feeling pretty awkward and bad for Pablo Laso’s comments in regards to the injury of Jaycee Carroll. Late last night, Mr. Laso contacted me and we resolved the misunderstanding of what was said and miscommunicated. The truth is that after this, I feel so much better and it feels like a weight is off my shoulders after what happened on Wednesday. I thanked him for this initiative, which proves that not only is he a great coach, but a great person. Finally, I wish a speedy recovery to my fellow athlete”, wrote Bochoridis.