Udoh, Metu raise doubts over Nigerian Sports Commission

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Giannis Askounis

17/Aug/19 09:06


Nigeria is the latest national team facing financial issues ahead of the World Cup.

By John Askounis/ info@eurohoops.net

Players of Venezuela and Ivory Coast went on strike prior to the 2019 FIBA World Cup, Nigeria might not be far behind. Ekpe Udoh, 2017 EuroLeague champions and Final Four MVP, revealed similar issues within his national team via Twitter.

“With two weeks before the FIBA World Cup, the Nigerian Sports Commission refuses to release the money allocated to us for training, travel, and food! We have a special team and possibly the best yet. I hope this gets resolved soon” the 32-year-old big wrote and added: “Not surprised though.”

Chimezie Metu of the San Antonio Spurs also made a post on the government of his country refusing to release money allocated to the players.

Nigeria is set to compete in Group B of the World Cup at Wuhan. Opening match will be against Russia on August 31st, games versus Argentina on September 2nd and South Korea on September 4th will follow.

Photo Credit: FIBA