Olympiacos taking the Greek League to the sports court

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Aris Barkas

17/Jul/19 19:45


The Reds are turning against the whole Greek League accusing them of breaking the Greek Sports Law

By Aris Barkas/ barkas@eurohoops.net

While Olympiacos has until Friday to register in the Greek second division, the club decided to file an appeal to the Supreme Council of Sports Disputes against the Greek Basket League (ESAKE) for breaking the Greek Sports Law.

The issue at hand is that the rest of the top division clubs voted to keep Lavrio in the top division.

According to the Greek Sports Law both Lavrio, Kolossos, and Olympiacos should be relegated. Lavrio and Kolossos for finishing in the last two spots of the regular season standings and  Olympiacos for forfeiting the playoffs against Panathinaikos.

However, Panathinaikos also forfeited the regular season game against Kimi. As a result, due to Kimi’s win over Panathinaikos by 20-0, Lavrio was relegated. The rest of the clubs voted to keep Lavrio in the top division in order “to fix an injustice”. The problem with this vote is that such a prevision is not included in the Greek Sports Law, or the Greek Basketball League bylaws.

The Greek basketball federation already informed the league that they don’t accept the vote and Lavrio should play in the second division.

According to the current laws and rules in Greece, all three teams – Lavrio, Kolossos, and Olympiacos – should be relegated and the top three teams of the second division should play in the top division next season. And not only Olympiacos but also Ermis Agias has filed a similar appeal. Ermis Agias finished seventh in the second division but still hopes to be promoted.

After this turn of events, the Basket League will have a general assembly tomorrow.

The latest developments occurred after a series of events. Following the Greek Cup semifinal against Panathinaikos, Olympiacos had announced that the team won’t play in any Greek League or Cup game against Panathinaikos unless it is officiated by non-Greek referees.

The “Reds” had also forfeited their home regular-season game against Panathinaikos for the same reason.

It has also to be noted that out of the three teams that in theory should be relegated, not only Lavrio was voted to stay in the top league, but also Kolossos will not be relegated after taking the place of Holargos and essentially “buying out” their spot.

At this point, according to the latest vote of the Greek Basket League, the only team which is relegated is practically Olympiacos.